A Scuba Certification Teen Camp on Santa Catalina Island Unlike Any Other

Are you looking for a scuba certification camp in California? How would you like to spend two weeks living on board a fully equipped hundred and twelve foot long marine research vessel, while touring the various hidden coves of Catalina Island?! This is exactly what you get when you attend a two-week teen camp with Floating Sea Camp!

Scuba Certification While At Camp

Catalina Island is one of the most prestigious and desirable scuba diving locations in the world. There are multiple underwater ecosystems visible in a single dive session such as the kelp forest, rocky reefs and sandy bottom ecosystems, each with their own wide array of marine biodiversity.

You get the chance to dive at the world famous Avalon Casino Dive Park, where you can witness the enormous black sea bass up close and personal! With water temperatures in the low to mid seventies during the summer months, you can feel comfortable while practicing your skills and learning the science of scuba diving.

At the end of your training you receive your lifetime PADI scuba certification card, which will allow you the opportunity to dive at any location around the world.

Marine Biology Shipboard Camp

Living on board the Enhydra is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Our well-trained naturalist staff is passionate about imparting a passion for the ocean environment. In addition to your scuba certification training you also receive instruction in many various Oceanography and marine biology topics. First you enjoy a short lecture on the flora and fauna you are most likely to see during the activity, and then you put of your gear and enter the marine environment where you have your own personal hands-on experience and encounter with the natural world beneath the surface.

Floating Sea Camp Program

Floating Sea Camp is a world-class program unlike any other where you get the chance to live on board a Coast Guard certified marine research vessel, which is fully equipped with all the toys and gear we need to enjoy one adventure after the other. The ship is fully loaded with kayaks, wet suits, masks and snorkels, as well as water sampling equipment, trawling nets and microscopes for observing plankton and other specimen that we find during our marine biology camp activities.

In addition to all this, we also spend full day excursions to the various destinations on the island where you can enjoy exploring sea caves, remote island beaches and nature trails. You spend a day surfing on the backside of the island and camping at one of the most remote and beautiful campgrounds on California, Little Harbor.

Accommodations On Board The Enhydra

Although we are visiting some of the most remote natural areas on Catalina Island, you are able to return to the comfort and safety of your own stateroom on board the ship every night. Each stateroom has two bunks, along with a private bathroom and shower. The Enhydra feels like a floating hotel, with a full professional galley, dining area, upper decks for viewing and lounging and large front deck, as well.

Ready to come join us this summer?! Register on this site or call our offices during normal business hours at: (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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The Most Adventurous Catalina Island Summer Sea Camp

All aboard! We are proud to offer you the experience of a lifetime this summer at Floating Sea Camp as we enjoy endless water based activities, explore remote coves, sea caves, island beaches and trails.

Oceanography Summer Camps

Are you passionate about the Ocean? Then Mountain and Sea Adventure’s (MSA) Floating Sea Camp is just the program for you! Come experience fun, adventure and an educational experience that will inspire you starting the very moment you arrive at summer camp! Oceanography is one of the most exciting scientific fields, as it allows you to explore the wonders of the ocean and all that it contains. A week onboard our hundred and twelve foot leisure vessel, the Enhyda, gives you a unique chance to explore the remote beaches and dive spots around Santa Catalina Island, a true paradise for nature lovers.

MSA has been running Oceanography summer camps on Catalina Island for over 20 years, and is passionate about introducing young people to a whole new world beneath the surface of the waves. Our naturalist staff is well-trained from leading school groups during the other months of the year, and always look forward to the summer season as a chance to let loose, mentor youth and really enjoy all the island has to offer altogether!

Catalina Summer Camp

There is no better place to experience all the ocean has to offer in southern California than on Catalina. Summer Camp on Santa Catalina Island is a dream come true for ocean lovers. Every day we are snorkeling and scuba diving at different locations, including the world famous Avalon Casino Point Dive Park. We also have structured playtime with kayaks, floating islands, stand up paddleboards and other gear stored on board the ship.

Floating Sea Camp is the only Catalina summer camp based onboard a marine research vessel, giving you the precious opportunity to live like a marine biologist as you explore the vast and rich natural resource that is Santa Catalina Island. View marine mammals daily, swim with Garibladi, Sheepshead and other beautiful marine life, and learn all about the different forms of both marine and terrestrial flora and fauna from our expert trained naturalist staff!

Floating Sea Camp

When you attend MSA’s Floating Sea Camp you enjoy both leisure and adventure! There are 20 staterooms each with two beds, and a private restroom with shower, sink and toilet. As soon as you step onboard you feel like you are in a floating hotel! This gets to be your home for the next week!

Our professional galley and dedicated full-time chef is always there with a variety of freshly prepared cuisine, with alternative meals for various diet types. There is also a snack bar with various wholesome food options to make sure you are always full of energy and ready for adventure! We invite you to come experience Floating Sea Camp, which is guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer.

Sea Camp Program

We start off with lots of interactive games and ice-breakers to make everyone feel comfortable, at ease and friendly with each other right from the beginning of the program. Sea camp is a unique opportunity to really explore your passionate interest in the sea, you may want to sign up for a two week camp, come back as a counselor in training (CIT) and continue to improve your knowledge-base and experience in Oceanography and marine biology.

Ready to sign up for Floating Sea Camp this summer? You can book directly on this site, or call our office during normal business hours at: (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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A New Marine Science Adventure Summer Camp For Kids and Teens In California

What happens when you bring together two of your child’s favorite topics, marine science and summer camp? MSA’s Floating Sea Camp for kids and teens is a program unlike any other in the world! They get to live on board a fully equipped marine research vessel as you immerse yourself in the exciting world of Oceanography and marine biology for an entire week!

Snorkel at prestigious world-class dive spots, such as Avalon’s Casino Point Dive Park, and even get your lifetime PATI dive certificate during two-week teen camp! There are endless program activities to keep you occupied and engaged with the marine environment that surrounds you during MSA’s Floating Sea Camp.

Adventure Camp for Kids and Teens

Catalina Island is an adventure playground for kids and teens. With over 54 miles of coastline, various remote beaches, coves and sea caves, and some of the most scenic nature trails in California, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life this summer at MSA’s adventure camp for kids and teens!

During two-week teen camp we even visit the backside of the island and go surfing, as well as hike various parts of the Trans Catalina Trail, staying at beautiful remote campgrounds and then spending an entire day kicking back and exploring the quaint island town of Avalon.

The Best Sea Camp In California

There are a plethora of various summer camps in California to choose from. So what makes Floating Sea Camp the best? Your child gets to experience best of both worlds, they live on board a hundred and twelve foot long Coast Guard certified ship with a stateroom that has only two bunks, a private restroom with shower, toilet and sink, as well as total access to one of southern California’s most treasured natural resources, Santa Catalina Island!

The moment your child steps foot on board they are exposed to a diversity of marine life, including many various marine mammals such as dolphins, seals and sea lions, as well as a plethora of maritime birds, some of which are very rare in California. The best sea camp is the one that brings together adventure, fun and education, which is why we teach your child how to keep a scientific field journal and utilize the scientific method in their interactions with the marine environment. This is a powerful combination as it reinforces the idea that learning natural sciences is really so much fun!

Summer Camp Activities

Every day is a new adventure at MSA’s Floating Sea Summer Camp! Activities include snorkeling at famous dive spots, exploring remote island coves on kayaks, plankton trawls and microscope labs, Oceanography and water analysis labs, hiking the various island trails and seeing Catalina Island Fox, bison, deer and other terrestrial island life, as well as playing in the water, jumping off the top deck of the ship, skill sessions, discover scuba diving, and even earning your lifetime dive certificate during two-week teen camp.

MSA’s summer camp activities are designed to increase your child’s knowledge of the marine environment with a short lecture before each program, and then gain first hand knowledge of the subject matter by entering the environment and seeing it with their own two eyes!

Ready to book your child’s seat on board the Enhydra?! Reservations can be made on this website, or by calling our office during normal business hours at: (310) 519-3172 ext 980

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