Camp Staff

For the Floating Sea Camp Staff, teaching good solid marine science is important, and we are passionate about it, but not nearly as passionate as we are about building character in youth!

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Our camp staff are expert trained in helping each individual child expand their horizons and realize they are capable of more greatness than what they had previously thought possible. This is the most satisfying part of what we do, seeing youth leave with greater self-confidence and their self-image completely transformed!

We have a perfect safety record and our well-trained staff are each lifeguard certified and passionate about imparting a personal love and appreciation for the marine environment.

During the school year we run outdoor education camps for schools coming to the island for their annual field trip under our parent company Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA). In the process of teaching during the school year, the MSA staff become very knowledgeable and have a tremendous amount of hands-on experience working beside youth of all ages and backgrounds.

The bond that is created between students and their camp counselors is a unique one. Camp staff are usually graduated college students that are taking a year or two off to come live the amazing lifestyle of a Catalina Island Camp Counselor. The fact that they are usually younger in age than most of their teachers makes the staff seem more like peers to the campers than their seniors. This gives our well-trained staff the unique opportunity to inspire greatness and speak into the hearts of those who are looking up to them.


Interested in volunteering to become a CIT or camp counselor? We have many opportunities for those interested in improving themselves, developing life skills and building a resume. Contact our office at (310) 519-3172 ext 980, or write to us at:

We look forward to working and playing along side you!