While at camp, our campers will not be in contact with anyone outside of our camp and staff.   Our policy mandates a 14 day quarantine of all our staff before our campers arrive this summer to ensure that our staff are Covid 19 free.

Below are our Policy and Procedures for strict cleaning / sterilizing of the camp, and ongoing protective actions to combat the potential virus exposure.

  1. We request that all campers be fever free for 14 days prior to camp.

  2. We will check all campers temperatures at registration.  Campers with fevers are not allowed to come to camp.

  3. All campers and staff will have their temperatures checked daily.

  4. All beds/rooms and accommodations will be cleaned and sanitized after campers move out and before new campers move in.

  5. Meals are served individually (no buffett)

  6. The dining facilities will be cleaned and sanitized after every meal.

  7. All participants will be required to wash and sanitize their hands before each meal.  They will be supervised to ensure this happens.

  8. Dishes and silverware are cleaned immediately after each meal and are run through a sanitizer machine.

  9. Campers that are serving in OTS will be given gloves.

  10. All servers and kitchen staff will maintain health department standards in the kitchen, dining hall, and when serving the food.

  11. Touch points on the ship will be sanitized regularly.

  12. We are requesting that all

  13. Campers bring their own snorkel and mask.

  14. Campers will be asked not to share their water bottles or any other personal items.

  15.  Sick campers will be sent home immediately.

We are confident in our ability to effectively provide a safe environment at all of our camps during these times.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.