October 16-18, 2020

Creation is calling out for freedom. It’s time to come together and learn how to connect with God’s creation!

JOIN THE E.R: Environmental Reformation!

Join Us For Hands On Learning: Pray over the sea, the kelp and various ecosystems we have seen God begin to restore and transform creation.

This trip includes snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking!

Activities: Environmental Reformation lectures; snorkel, kayak and hiking tours! Includes round trip transportation to Catalina on our 112′ floating sea camp ship + all tours and lectures.

Location: Board the Enhydra mini cruise ship at the Southern California Marine Institute; depart for Catalina Island (Saturday morning).

Stateroom Amenities: Two beds, full private bathroom. Full galley and dining room; six meals included.

Speakers: Our founder Annie MacAulay is a forerunner and naturalist in the environmental movement. She has started three organizations including Heal the Land & Sea, which impart hope, knowledge and passion and stewardship.

Annie is an ordained minister and member of Harvest International Ministry and has a science degree from Azusa Pacific University. She has over 20 years in the marine science education field. Her passion is contagious and her message timely for this generation.

Annie and Fran give a biblical understanding of why we as God’s sons and daughters must take our rightful place and become excellent stewards of what He called very good. First hand stories of God’s healing of the land and sea brings courage to the task ahead as we learn how to bless and heal the land; Catalina Island has seen species return as they pray and bless the land.