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Discover One of the Best learning University.

It’s so simple, yet the rewards wonderful. I am a novice in programming, but thanks to Courselog, no more.”

Facing Your Fears

There is a big difference between rational and irrational fears. Many times youth find themselves unable to express themselves and feeling inhibited due to irrational fears and social anxiety. However, coming to camp provides kids and teens with the opportunity to step out side of their comfort zones, try new skills, develop new sides of themselves and make new friends, as well.

Fear holds us back from exploring our unique potential and personal development. Unfortunately most people are more motivated by fear of what they do not want, rather than hope and desire for what they do want. A full week of sea camp gives youth the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and to make progress facing, and overcoming, their fears.

Building Self Esteem

When youth prove to themselves that they can excel in areas that they had tremendous aversion and doubt towards before then it breaths new life into their self esteem and confidence levels. Each camper is transformed by MSA’s marine science programs and a noticeable change can be discerned from the time they arrive to when they board the ferry back home.

An entire week of living, playing and learning together at Sea Camp on Catalina Island forges many life long friendships, while building important social skills and improving self esteem.

Developing Character

Floating Sea Camp’s educational and adventurous program encourages youth to think creatively and to investigate their curiosity in the natural world around them by utilizing the scientific method. This often leads to a life long appreciation for the marine environment and many cherished memories of being fully immersed in nature for an entire week during camp.

The Floating Sea Camp staff are passionate about teaching environmental awareness and character development to the campers during each week of summer camp. By the end of the week we are like a close tribe of friends encouraging and uplifting one another!

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