MSA’s New Overnight Shipboard Summer Camp Experience To Catalina Island

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Make your summer vacation the very best it can possible be by registering for Floating Sea Camp and come to Catalina Island to play in the sun and sea together for a whole week!

Overview Of Floating Sea Camp

Come stay onboard a leisurely hundred-and-twelve foot US Coast Guard certified marine research vessel and experience a full week of Floating Sea Camp! Enjoy awesome adventure activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, jumping from the top deck, exploring remote coves, sea caves, surfing on the backside of the island, and lots more!

Mountain and Sea Adventure’s (MSA’s) new Floating Sea Camp program is unlike any other summer camp in southern California! You get to explore the wonderful world of marine biology along side the new friends you have just made during your week of camp. The bonds of friendship made between campers during sea camp often last a lifetime, as the experiences you share together are so incredibly adventurous and memorable!


The accommodations onboard the Enhydra are very comfortable and leisurely, each private stateroom has two beds, thermostat, a shower, sink, and restroom, as well as a dresser and under bed storage.

The professional full-size galley allows us to serve freshly prepared gourmet meals three times per day! So, say goodbye to typical boring camp food, just because we are remote doesn’t mean we can’t live well! In addition to our full staff of counselors, we also have a full time skilled chef dedicated to keeping our stomachs full and happy!

Two-Week Camp Bonus Activities

Come for an additional week of Floating Sea Camp and enjoy some extra perks and activities! During our two-week teen camp we take the time to hike sections of the Trans Catalina Trail, camp out at various scenic locations on the island, spend an extra day snorkeling/scuba diving at Avalon Casino Point Dive Park, advanced SOAK’d certificates, and optional lifetime scuba certification course!

New Scuba Diving Options

MSA is now offering the opportunity to try an introductory discover dive experience, or go through our PADI Open Water Dive Course and earn your lifetime dive certificate, which you can use to continue experiencing underwater landscapes anywhere around the world!

Work along side our full staff and dive instructors to become proficient and gain the required experience to be able to proudly declare yourself a ‘diver’! This is an intensive two-week training where you will be diving nearly every day at one of the most majestic and desirable dive locations on Earth!

Ready to come join us for another awesome summer of fun in the sun?! Call our offices to speak with a representative today: (310) 519-3172 ext 98

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