Floating Sea Camp 2022

Register now for a full week of summer fun in the sun and sea during Floating Sea Camp on Catalina Island. Board the Enhydra at San Pedro and enjoy the voyage across the channel. Upon arrival to the island we unload the equipment and water toys to begin exploring the very best of Catalina! Tour the various coves, sea caves, dive spots and other attractions. Really see the best of the island with a full day at Avalon, as well as a day of surfing and playing in the waves on the backside of the island!


  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving (optional)
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Plankton Trawls
  • Microscope Labs
  • Hiking / Camping
  • Day in Avalon
  • And Lots More!

One Week Summer Camps

Week 1 (shoulder week): June 12th to 17th
register here!

Week 2: June 19th to 24th
register here!

Week 3: June 26th to July 1st
register here!

Week 4: July 3d to 8th
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Week 5: July 10th to 15th
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Week 6: July 17th to 22nd
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Week 7: July 24th to 29th
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Week 8: July 31st to 5th
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Week 9: August 7th to 12th
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Week 10 (shoulder week): August 14th to 19th
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3-Day Summer Camps

Option One: June 12th to 14th register here!

Option Two: June 14th to June 16th register here!

2-Week Teen Summer Camps

Option One: July 3d to 15th register here!

Option Two: July 17th to August 5th register here!

3-Week Teen Summer Camp

Option One: July 3d to 22nd register here!

Want to get scuba certified at Catalina Island during Floating Sea Camp? 

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You can now add on the opportunity to experience scuba diving to any week of Floating Sea Camp, or get your lifetime Scuba Dive Certification Card during any two-week teen camp.

Receive expert training from a professional dive instructor, including all gear and equipment. Dive at the world famous Avalon Casino Dive Park!

No Experience Necessary!