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Teen Summer Adventures on Catalina Island

MSA’s Floating Sea Camp on Santa Catalina Island is an adventure paradise for teens, who get the opportunity to explore nature, develop new skills, and make incredible memories together. Whether if you want to get scuba certified at the world famous Avalon Casino Point Dive Park, or if you just want to escape your life for a week and make new friends – Floating Sea Camp offers everything you ever wanted in a summer camp program.


Our marine biology summer camp program focuses on both adventure and education. Campers quickly rediscover how much fun learning is by interacting with the ocean environment one-on-one. Soon there is no difference between learning and playing, as you enjoy experiencing the marine environment more and more.


Program activities include snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, game time, and all sorts of group activities to break the ice and keep the good times rollin’!

Campers who stay on for two weeks have the opportunity to explore many various trails and coves of Catalina Island. You even spend a day on the backside learning how to surf!

Can you imagine telling your friends that you learned how to surf on the backside of Catalina Island during scuba camp this summer?!


We look forward to seeing you for another awesome year of fun teen summer activities during Floating Sea Camp on Catalina Island!

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