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An Overview Of Floating Sea Camp’s Marine Biology Program

Floating Sea Camp is a teen favorite on Catalina Island! Whereas can you live onboard a fully equipped marine research vessel, earn your lifetime Dive Certification, and explore snorkeling, kayaking and hiking all on a remote guarded island?!

Campers have their choice to live onboard our 112’ ship or at our campus on Whites Landing, which is the second largest canyon (with the longest sandy beach) on the entire island!

Facilities include tent cabins just a stone throw from the beach, a large dining hall with attached store, invertebrate and shark touch tanks, and all equipment for snorkeling and kayaking (including wetsuits, fins, masks and snorkels).

Why Catalina Island Is A Magical Place For Youth Camp

Kids and teens love coming to camp on Catalina Island because although it is only a short boat ride from Los Angeles it is totally remote and undeveloped. Being in nature engages the imaginations of youth, which is harnessed with our educational marine science program.

There is never a boring moment at camp. At any moment you are likely to see an enchanting Island Fox, a herd of bison, or a pod of dolphins – all from your tent cabin!

Learning To Think Like A Marine Biologist

By learning the scientific method each participant is taught to think like a marine biologist, to get curious about the natural world, to begin asking questions about the various species of animals they see during their activities and to develop their own scientific hypothesis, as well.

MSA’s sea camp on Catalina Island is where the scientists and marine biologists of tomorrow are born!


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