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The Best Outdoor Camps for Kids In California

Catalina Island is one of California’s greatest hidden treasures! Just twenty-four miles across the channel from Los Angeles and you are in a completely secluded island paradise, which is all an environmental conservation, as well.

Floating Sea Camp is the best outdoor camp for kids in California for several reasons. First of all it is set on the campus of White’s Landing, one of the most coveted coves on Catalina with a very wide canyon and the longest sandy beach on the island.

You are completely immersed in the beauty of raw unspoiled nature from the very first moment you step onto shore. It seems like time does not exist here. You can leave all your problems behind here at Floating Sea Camp.

Our outdoor camp programs include hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. We have all the gear and equipment for you to enjoy! Just spend the whole day immersing yourself in nature while kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and lounging on the beach.

We have been running kids camps in California since 1997 and look forward to each new summer to reunite with our alumni campers for another awesome season of fun in the sun and water!

Kids love outdoor camps because their imaginations attract them to explore and discover all the wonders of nature. Out program encourages kids to harness their imaginations in asking questions about the natural world around them, and to even develop their own hypothesis.

Our program is strong in science! Each participant learns how to keep a scientific field journal and are guided in how to make entries. This gets them started in thinking like a scientist and actually beginning to do their own individual field research.

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