Building Character in Youth

Life begins where your comfort zones end, and coming to Floating Sea Camp for a week structures the opportunity for youth to break the mold of the school year and enjoy a refreshing opportunity to enjoy the very best of your summer.

The activities at Floating Sea Camp push each participant to the edge of what they previously thought they were capable of. Each day a new program activity challenges you to try something new such as scuba diving, surfing and kayaking.

When you prove to yourself that you can achieve excellence in a new field, it reminds you of your own inner greatness and that you truly can achieve anything you put your mind towards.

When you come to MSA’s Floating Sea Camp you are immediately placed into an exciting new environment where you can meet new people and try on a new way of being and interacting with the spectacular¬†world around you. This is an incredible opportunity to explore Catalina Island alongside a group of your peers whom are just as thrilled and excited about experiencing the wonders of nature as you are!

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