Dockside Marine Biology Programs

  1. March 30-31 (2-Day, 1 Night) reserve
  2. April 13-14 (2-Day, 1 Night) reserve

Welcome Marine Biology Enthusiasts!

This is our new program designed for returning individual campers. We know how most of our summer campers are big fans of the ocean and marine environmental science. These are exactly the traits we love to help grow and foster our kids into strong environmental stewards.


We have created the dockside program to create an inexpensive way for students to learn and get more involved in environmental stewardship overnight on-board our ship, the Enhydra. The ship will take off and go around Long Beach during the program.There will also be time for your kids to complete more of the SOAC’d program which allows them the potential to get closer to being a CIT (counselor in training) or counselor next summer. 

What's Involved

  • Wildlife Study – Seals, Sea Lions, Birds, etc.
  • Bottom Trawl Adventure (bring animals off the ocean floor)
  • Touch Tanks – Giant Sea Bass, Abalone Plants, etc.
  • SOAC’d Opportunities
  • Navigating/Piloting
  • Oceanography – including water sampling
  • Deckmanship
  • Marine Science

Camp no 1:

March 30-31, 2019

Camp no 2:

April 13-14, 2019