Marine Biology Activities

Floating Sea Campers love learning to dive down and experience the magical world beneath the surface!

Do you love the ocean? Interested in pursuing a career in Marine Biology or Oceanography? Are you passionate about environmental protection and conservation? Would you like the chance to live on a marine research vessel and engage in actual hands on marine science field research activities? If so then Floating Sea Camp on board the Enhydra is just the program for you!

Floating Sea Campers get the chance to work side-by-side with their favorite counselors in our SOAC’d Program to develop such skills as marine science, Oceanography, deckmanship, snorkeling and scuba diving, water safety, and environmental stewardship.

Floating Sea Camp teaches outdoor education in a manner that increases awareness of the environment, raises the spirit of participants, and builds character.

A grey whale spotted during the crossing between Long Beach and Catalina Island.

Your Floating Sea Camp counselors work as instructors on the island during the school year, teaching marine biology programs and activities. Catalina Island is an incredible location to visit for ocean lovers and outdoor enthusiast. Campers often get the chance to see marine mammals such as seals and sea lions, dolphins, Orca and even grey and blue whales. Then after putting on your mask and snorkel, you see a plethora of fish and invertebrates such as Garibaldi, Sheepshead, Kelp Bass, urchins, sea cucumbers and so much more! We have even discovered rare deep sea creatures, such as Oarfish, during our sea camps on Catalina Island.

Once you arrive to Floating Sea Camp on board the Enhydra you are first taught how to keep a field journal as well as how to implement the scientific method for developing a hypothesis during field research activities. The field journal becomes a treasured part of your camp experience, allowing your to develop your ideas and note your experiences during the program.

Calling all marine biology enthusiasts to come explore Catalina Island with us this summer!

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