Three Week Teen Camp

Dates: July 4th to 23d, 2022.

Includes all the program activities of one-week camp, with additional time camping out on the backside of Catalina Island, advanced level SOAC’d programs, and exploring the Trans Catalina Trail with three nights out under the stars!

  • $250 off our 3 week camps plus a free hoodie (only until May 25th, 2022).

Experience living on board the Enhydra, our 112′ marine research vessel, as you enjoy fun in the sun and ocean for a whole week! Explore the very best of Catalina Island, develop new skills, try scuba diving and even get dive certified, surf on the backside of the island, and lots more!

Experience adventure, friendship, character building, learn new skills, and live like a true marine biologist aboard MSA’s premiere Floating Sea Camp at Catalina Island! During your amazing week aboard the ship “Enhydra”, you are immersed in exciting marine biology activities including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, surfing, paddleboarding and more.

For Teens 12-17 Only!

3-Week Camp Dates & Prices:

Dates: July 4th to 23d, 2022
Cost: $5,072.00 $4822 (until 5/25)

Free Hoodie Included!