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Why Floating Sea Camp is the best summer camp for boys

The imagination of boys allows them to interact with nature in such a rich a way. From building forts and hiking on endless trails to playing games and make-believe. Just half an acre of wild undeveloped land is all they need for their spirit of adventure to be set loose.


The opportunity to come to Santa Catalina Island is a dream come true for many boys because of the fact that the whole island is a nature preserve and well over 90% of it is just raw land. This sets their imagination free and they can visualize what it may have been like to be one of the first early explorers, or perhaps a band of native Americans living in relative isolation.


A vivid imagination is the first requirement for a great scientist! Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”. The summer camp program hosted by MSA’s Floating Sea Camp encourages their participants to use their imaginations to think like a field biologist, to ask questions and to develop their own hypothesis.


Summer camp is a vital outlet for boys to reconnect with the Great Outdoors and develop parts of themselves they may never have even known about. Coming to summer camp on Catalina Island provides boys with endless opportunities for personal growth in many various ways. Not only do they learn social skills and improve their self esteem, but they often leave their marine biology camp experience with a new found love for the Ocean and natural sciences.

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